PAUL SATTLER                                        



2017                 Guest Artist at Inky Editions, Hudson, New York.

                                    Invited to produce relief print editions

                                    with artist and master printer Terry Conrad.

2016                 Vero Beach Museum of Art:  2016 Distinguished Lecture Series.

                                    Vero Beach, FL

2014                 SACI Consortium Residency,  Florence, Italy

                          Visiting Artist, The International Centre for the Arts,

                                   Monte Castello di Vibio, Italy

2009-2014       Ella van Dyke Tuthill Endowed Chair, Skidmore College

2008                 Sabbatical Research Leave Enhancement Grant, Skidmore College

2006                John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship

                          Major Project Completion Grant.  Skidmore College.

2005                 Visiting Critic and Lecturer.  The New York Academy of Art.

2004                 Wallace Truman Prize.  National Academy of Design, New York.

2003                 Visiting Artist Lecture.  Studio Art Centers International.  Florence

2002                 Visiting Artist Lecture. University of South Carolina, Columbia.

                                      McMaster School of Fine Art.     




2017                 Paul Sattler: Side Show,  Inky Editions.  Hudson, NY

2016                 Paul Sattler,  Alpha Gallery, Boston

2015                 Remedy: About a Decade of Paintings.

                                    Marist College Art Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY

2007                 Paul Sattler,  Alpha Gallery.  Boston

2005                 Above, Below & In Between: New works- Paul Sattler

                         Gerald Peters Gallery, New York.

2004                 New Paintings.  Alpha Gallery.  Boston

2002                 Conversations with Dreams.  Main Street Gallery. 

                                   Dobb’s Ferry, New York

                          New Paintings. Alpha Gallery, Boston

2001                 Paul Sattler: Paintings.  Courthouse Gallery, Lake George, NY  




2017                 2017 Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region

                                     Juror: Jack Shear

                                    The Albany Institute of History and Art.  Albany, New York

          Art From Art,  Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

         2017 Selected Faculty Exhibition, Schick Art Gallery

2016                 New Work: 460C Harrison Inaugural Exhibition

                          Alpha Gallery, Boston

2015                 Summer Selections, Alpha Gallery, Boston

                         7th Annual National Juried Exhibition

                           Prince Street Gallery, New York. Juror: Robert Berlind

2014                 Big and Bold,  The Albany Institute of History and Art. 

                                      Albany, New York

2013                 Selected Faculty Exhibition. Schick Art Gallery

2012                 Recent Acquisitions,  The Albany Institute of History and Art. 

                                      Albany, New York

2010                 Paul Sattler: Paintings, Riverfront Studios, Schuylerville, NY

2009            New Paintings, Riverfront Studios, Schuylerville, New York

2007                 Paul Sattler, Serendipity.  Saratoga Springs, NY

                         Summer Selections,  Alpha Gallery.  Boston

                         2007 Collector’s Exhibition  Arkansas Art Center.  Little Rock

2006                 Twice Drawn.  Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery.

                                        Skidmore College.  Curators: Ian Berry and Jack Shear    

                         Faculty Exhibition. Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College

                         10for 10.  The Arts Center.  Saratoga Springs, NY.

2005                 2005 Collector’s Exhibition. Arkansas Art Center. Little Rock

                         Works on Paper.  Gerald Peters Gallery, New York.

2004                179th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art.

                                        National Academy of Design Museum.  New York.

                   About Painting.  Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery. 

                                       Skidmore College.    Curator: Ian Berry.

                        Selected Faculty Exhibition.  Schick Art Gallery

2003                Works on Paper.  Gallery 100.  Saratoga Springs, New York.

                        Annual Winter Exhibition. Main Street Gallery. Dobbs Ferry

2002               New Works: Paul Sattler and John L. Moore

                             Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College, NY.    

                        Summer Invitational Exhibition.  Main Street Gallery. 

                                         Dobb’s Ferry, NY.  

                        Faculty Exhibition 2002. Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College

                        Summer Six.   Schick Art Gallery, Skidmore College

2001                 New Paintings:  Paul Sattler and Jennifer Gordon

                              The Arts Center.  Saratoga Springs, NY.

                        Annual Invitational Exhibition.  Main Street Gallery. 

                                          Dobbs Ferry, NY.

                        Four Wings and a Prayer

                                          Open Space Gallery, Saratoga Springs




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2012-present      Director,  Schick Art Gallery,  Skidmore College

1998-present      Associate Professor, Skidmore College.  Saratoga Springs, NY  

2009-2014          Ella Van Dyck Endowed Chair in Studio Art, Skidmore College

1994-1998           Assistant Professor.   Boston University, School for the Arts.

                              Assistant Director.  BU Tanglewood Institute              

1993-1994            Associate Instructor.  Indiana University, Bloomington.




                   Albany Institute of History and Art.  Albany, NY

                   Arkansas Art Center.  Little Rock AR

                   State University of New York,  Adirondack Community College

                   Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY

                   Wellington Management, Boston




Indiana University, Bloomington. Hope School of Fine Arts.  MFA

School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  BFA                   

Albright College.  Reading, Pennsylvania.